Ukrainians in Finland outraged over withholding extradition of Russian militant

December 11,2023 546
Ukrainians in Finland outraged over withholding extradition of Russian militant

Several dozen representatives of the Ukrainian community in Finland went to the Ministry of Justice of the country to protest. The demonstrators rallied against the Finnish Supreme Court’s refusal to extradite Russian militant Yan Petrovsky to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Association in Finland organized the demonstration. The community called on Ukrainians to protest against the release of the war criminal. Several rally participants also brought Ukrainian flags under the ministry’s building.

The protesters gathered on the same day that the Supreme Court of Finland made the decision – December 8. The judicial body ruled that Petrovsky could not be extradited due to conditions in Ukrainian prisons.

Yan Petrovsky is a Russian militant who, in 2014, together with terrorists of the self-proclaimed “LPR,” fought against Ukraine as part of the so-called neo-Nazi Rusich sabotage and assault reconnaissance group.

Petrovsky was added to the sanctions list of the EU and the USA for actions that threaten the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. However, in July of this year, the militant entered Finland thanks to his new name, as well as his wife’s education. Already in August, it became known that Petrovsky was detained on suspicion of participation in the activities of a terrorist group and involvement in crimes on the occupied territory of Ukraine.

After his release from custody on December 8, Petrovsky was detained by Finnish border guards, who are likely to deport the suspect from Finland. Earlier, the militant asked the court to extradite him to Russia.

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