Ukrainians in Italy protest Russian exhibition on Mariupol’s “well-being”

January 5,2024 1384
Ukrainians in Italy protest Russian exhibition on Mariupol’s “well-being”

The Ukrainian community in Italy has appealed to the authorities of the city of Modena, urging them not to allow the hosting of the Russian exhibition on the “prosperity” of Mariupol, reported Oles Horodetskyy, the president of the Christian Association of Ukrainians and the leader of the Ukrainian community in Rome.

The appeal highlights that Russia caused the destruction of Mariupol and the mass killings of civilians. The occupiers seized the city, destroying hospitals, schools, and libraries, forcing thousands of people to flee. 

At the same time, through the planned exhibition, Moscow is spreading propaganda falsely attributing responsibility for the Mariupol tragedy to Ukraine and creating a distorted reality, portraying a “swift recovery process” under the auspices of Russian institutions, which Mariupol has supposedly entered.

“This exhibition supporting Russian military aggression contradicts the principles of human rights, as well as the values of justice, freedom, democracy, and peace. Russian military aggression should be condemned, not celebrated,” the appeal states.

Additionally, Modena has provided shelter for Ukrainian refugees, including residents of Mariupol, emphasized the Ukrainian community. “Therefore, we appeal to you to immediately revoke permission for the event within the scope of your authority,” the appeal continues.

Russians in the Italian city of Modena plan to hold a propagandist event on January 20, depicting Mariupol’s supposed “swift recovery” after its occupation by Russia. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine labeled the event a provocation. “At the official level, Italy strongly supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We expect an appropriate response to this propaganda event,” emphasized Oleh Nikolenko, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

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