Ukrainians in Poland and Portugal picketed Iranian embassies

October 19,2022 422
Ukrainians in Poland and Portugal picketed Iranian embassies

In response to the shelling of Ukraine by kamikaze drones, which Iran supplies to Russia, Ukrainians in Lisbon and Warsaw held powerful protests near Iranian Embassies on Tuesday, October 18.

In the capital of Portugal, Ukrainians and Iranians gathered together to condemn official Iran’s collaboration with fascist Russia.


“Iranian kamikaze drones are now killing Ukrainians, destroying Ukrainian cities, destroying Ukraine’s infrastructure before winter colds, which leads to a catastrophic situation for civilians. This is complicity in the genocide that Russia is carrying out against Ukrainians,” said Pavlo Sadokha, Regional Vice-President of the UWC and President of the Association of Ukrainians in Portugal.

Ukrainians’ next steps in Portugal are to call on the government to introduce strict sanctions against Iran. In turn, the Iranian diaspora demands the expulsion of the Iranian ambassador from Portugal.

On the same day, hundreds of people picketed the Iranian embassy in Warsaw. Among the participants of the demonstration were Ukrainians, Iranians, and Belarusians. Colored with Ukrainian flags, the event’s slogan said, “Russia is a terrorist”, “Stop killing us”, “Supporting terrorism is being a terrorist”, “Solidarity with the women of Iran”, etc. Demonstrators chanted: “Shame on you”, “Don’t kill us”, “Don’t be terrorists”, “Down with dictatorships”, and “No to war”.