Ukrainians in Portugal counteract pro-Putin organizations

June 30,2022 154
Ukrainians in Portugal counteract pro-Putin organizations

On the eve of the June 28-30 NATO summit in Madrid, several communist and left-wing pro-Putin organizations organized “For Peace, Against Arms Race” rallies in European capitals. In Portugal, such actions took place on June 25 in Lisbon and on June 29 in Porto.

“Understanding that these actions are aimed at preventing NATO countries from providing Ukraine with necessary weapons, Ukrainian activists joined these rallies with placards for peace, but a peace that can only be achieved by providing Ukraine with appropriate weaponry that will help drive the Russian invaders out of the Ukrainian land”, UWC Regional Vice-President Pavlo Sadokha commented for the local media SiC and Lusa.

According to Sadokha, the counteraction of the Ukrainian community in Portugal disrupted the plans of the organizers, and the position of the Ukrainians was widely covered by the media.

“It is important that Ukrainians participate in all political actions in their countries. This is an opportunity to convey one’s view rather than providing a possibility to talk about Ukraine without Ukrainians,” he emphasized.