Ukrainians in the diaspora led by the Ukrainian World Congress remembered the victims of Akcija “Wisla” on the 70th anniversary of this tragedy

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April 30,2017 181

On 28 April 1947 the Polish communist authorities launched a military-political operation against the peaceful autochthonous Ukrainian population of Poland so as to finally assimilate Poland’s Ukrainian minority. The totalitarian communist regime deployed about 21,000 of its soldiers to the territory of Zakerzonnia, who forcefully resettled and scattered across the north-western territories of Poland over 140,000 Ukrainians. 

The Ukrainian World Congress with its network in 53 countries shares the deep pain and sorrow of all Ukrainians who suffered as a result of this inhumane action, and joined in prayer for the many children, women and men whose lives were cut short during Akcija “Wisla” by the anti-Ukrainian actions of Poland’s totalitarian communist regime.

“On this solemn anniversary services were held to pray for the victims of Akcija “Wisla” and commemorative events contributed to a greater understanding of this historic event helping to ensure that such tragedies are never repeated,” stated UWC President Eugene Czolij.