Ukrainians in the US to hold Mother’s Day rally

May 7,2024 248
Ukrainians in the US to hold Mother’s Day rally

Marta Farion, UWC Vice President for North America and Vice President of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), announced that the Ukrainian community in the United States will hold a Mother’s Day event. Scheduled for May 11th at 1:00 PM local time in Chicago, the rally will unfold near the historic Chicago Water Tower.

“In the USA, Mother’s Day is a very significant holiday. It will be celebrated on Sunday, May 12. But on May 11, we will remember the children who have passed away, the mothers who have lost their children, and the mothers who are currently experiencing the agony of having their children abducted by Moscow’s orcs – nearly 20,000 Ukrainian children. Imagine what Mother’s Day means for these mothers…” said Marta Farion on Ukrainian Independent Radio.

Marta Farion called on Ukrainians to join the event to demonstrate unity. “We need to come out, so people know about us,” Marta Farion added. The event will begin with a demonstration and continue with a march along Michigan Avenue.

Julia Pona, a public activist and co-organizer of the event, also emphasizes that it aims to express gratitude to Ukrainian mothers and everyone supporting Ukraine in its struggle.

As the organizers explained, May 11 was chosen not by chance, as it is the eve of Mother’s Day. Against the backdrop of this bright holiday, Ukrainians will be able to thank the United States and also share more about what is happening in Ukraine today.

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