Ukrainians in Türkiye protest against Russian military choir performances

May 1,2024 420
Ukrainians in Türkiye protest against Russian military choir performances

Ukrainians in Türkiye are protesting against the Russian propagandist “Red Army Choir” Turkish performances. Performances are slated to take place in eight cities in Türkiye from May 14 to 22.

Vita Mykhailova, the head of the Ukrainian Union “Ukrainian Family” in Antalya, stated that the organization penned an appeal letter to the concert hosts and organizers, with backing from all Ukrainian communities.

“The so-called ‘Red Army Choir’ on posters is actually a military orchestra of the Russian Ministry of Defense, which is conducting an aggressive, expansionist, and bloody war in Ukraine, killing thousands of innocent women and children, destroying cities, and cultural sites,” wrote Mykhailova.

The appeal stated that the choir’s performances, comprising Russian military personnel, dishonor the memory of those lost to Russian aggression in Ukraine. They assert that these performances lack cultural relevance and are instead a political maneuver aligned with Russia’s propaganda efforts.

“The Red Army Choir” uses culture as a weapon without principles. All its members support the actions of the Russian Federation aimed at violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine and contradicting the principles of Ukraine’s peaceful coexistence with the world,” the appeal said. The letter calls for the cancellation of events in all cities.

The Ukrainian community urges the public to come together and take all necessary steps to thwart the organization of Russian propaganda gatherings in Türkiye. “It is now known that concerts in some cities will allegedly be canceled. But we have not received official confirmation. And if these events do take place, the community is ready to protest,” Vita Mykhailova summarized in an interview with the UWC.

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