Ukrainians worldwide to hold Independence Day rallies

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August 14,2023 2744
Ukrainians worldwide to hold Independence Day rallies

Ukrainian communities around the world will take part in demonstrations for Independence Day. The diaspora wants to support Ukraine, celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the establishment of state sovereignty, and also thank all partners who help the Armed Forces to restore peace.

Ukrainians in Australia will gather in the city of Victoria on August 27. The program includes performances by choirs and dance groups, and addresses by public and political figures.

The diaspora in Canada will celebrate Independence Day on August 19 in Toronto. It will be “North America’s largest Ukrainian celebration,” the organizers say. At the same time, events will also take place in Winnipeg and Calgary on August 26.

Ukrainians will celebrate August 24 in Edinburgh, Scotland. “Edinburgh comes together in solidarity with Ukraine to mark Ukrainian Independence,” the organizers said.

The diaspora in the United States of America will gather in Chicago on August 24 at the solemn ceremony of raising the National Flag of Ukraine, on August 25 at a concert in Seattle, and on August 26 in Renton. Independence Day will also be celebrated in Albuquerque on August 27.

Ukrainians in Italy will celebrate Ukrainian independence at Sforzesco Castle in Milan.

On August 24, the Diaspora in Portugal is organizing an event of gratitude to friends of Ukraine. “It doesn’t matter how motivated Ukrainian soldiers are, but without modern weapons, they will not be able to defeat the enemy. … On August 24, events will be held in all countries where Ukrainians live to thank all nations for supporting Ukraine. We will meet in Lisbon on August 24, at 18:30, at Eduardo VII Park,” Pavlo Sadokha, UWC Vice-President and President of the Union of Ukrainians in Portugal, said.

In Poland, the Independence Day of Ukraine will be celebrated in most cities; events have already been announced in Koszalin on August 26 and in Gdańsk on August 24 with charity concerts.

“Special demonstration in support of Ukraine” dedicated to Independence Day will take place on August 27 in the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague. “This holiday is of great importance for our country, which is now defending its independence and will with confidence and dignity at the front, diplomatic meetings and in the public movement,” the organizers wrote.

An event to celebrate the Ukrainian national holiday will also be held in Brazil– on August 20 in Curitiba.

For Independence Day, the World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations is organizing a marathon of collages, “I imagine the Victory of Ukraine”. Ukrainian children and youth aged 5 to 18 are invited to join.

“The flash mob is being held on the initiative of Nataliya Poshyvaylo-Towler, UWC Vice-President, and with the support of the Fulbright scholar Yulia Kravchenko,” the organizers said. The deadline for submission of collages is August 31, 2023. You can join the initiative here; you need to send the questionnaire to [email protected].

The Ukrainian World Congress calls on Ukrainians in every city abroad to come out in support of Ukraine on Independence Day to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the declaration of state sovereignty and to thank all friends and partners of Ukraine for their support in the fight against Russian aggression.

We urge you to join the global Unite With Ukraine initiative and support Ukraine’s defenders, who urgently require high-quality tactical medical aid. Your donation will help save the lives of our Ukrainian heroes in their daily battles against the Russian occupying forces. Your donation can be made here: 

We urge you to honor the brave women and men who are defending Ukraine’s Independence on the frontlines of this war and to also thank all of Ukraine’s friends on your social media networks using the hashtags:




You can also print out greeting cards for engaging government officials, political leaders, and everyone in your country contributing to Ukraine’s approaching Victory. Download them here

Ukrainian and English language Message Boxes for use in speeches and signage during rallies and events can be downloaded here.

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