Unite With Ukraine and Saint Javelin to attend DAVOS 2022

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May 23,2022 215
Unite With Ukraine and Saint Javelin to attend DAVOS 2022

The Ukrainian World Congress is very proud to announce that we will be taking Unite With Ukraine and Saint Javelin to Davos, Switzerland next week during this year’s World Economic Forum.

Davos is the informal name of the annual four-day conference held by The World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. The non-profit organization’s aim is to “engage the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

Our President, Paul Grod, will be speaking at Ukraine House Davos alongside Anna Bondarenko, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ukrainian Volunteer Service and Olga Rudnieva, Executive Director of the Elena Pinchuk Foundation and Coordinator of the HelpUkraine Center Initiative.

Their panel, Saving Lives in Ukraine: Direct, High-Impact, Rapid Results will focus on the what three months of large-scale armed aggression by Russia has done to Ukraine and the suffering and humanitarian crises it has created both in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries.

The panel will focus on “Ukrainian and international humanitarian aid initiatives that are overcoming great obstacles every day, sometimes putting their own lives at risk, to provide Ukrainians with the basics of food, healthcare and shelter.”

Through our global #UniteWithUkraine campaign, we have so far raised over US$23 million which has been used to successfully procure and deliver tactical non-lethal equipment to the frontlines.

Along with the co-panellist leaders of humanitarian organizations, UWC’s President will share insights on what the situation in Ukraine looks like today and how the international community can help Ukraine overcome this crisis.

Our president will also be accompanied by Christian Borys, founder of Internet sensation Saint Javelin. Saint Javelin have committed to donate the profits from sales of their extremely popular products to the #UniteWithUkraine initiative. These funds will directly go towards procuring and delivering vital, non-lethal aid and protective equipment to the defenders of Ukraine on the frontlines.

After a very difficult three months for Ukraine, UWC would like to thank Ukraine House Davos for inviting our President to be part of their forum and to have the platform to promote the hard-won successes of the #UniteWithUkraine campaign. It is more crucial than ever that we keep the world’s focus on the war in Ukraine, as well as to maintain pressure on the international community to keep supporting Ukraine until we are victorious, and we are free once again.


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