Unite with Ukraine website withstands Russian hackers’ attack

March 13,2023 606
Unite with Ukraine website withstands Russian hackers’ attack

Today the Unite with Ukraine website was attacked by Russian hackers, however, our team was able to successfully repel the attack and ensure that our website remains functional and data secure.

Despite this incident, we remain committed to our mission of supporting Ukrainian Defenders in their fight against Russian aggression. We firmly believe that the best way to stop Russian terrorism is to Unite with Ukraine and provide our defenders with the resources they need to protect themselves.

We urge our supporters to continue helping Ukraine in every way possible. Whether through donations, spreading awareness, or advocating for international support. Together, we will make a difference and help bring Ukraine’s inevitable victory closer.

Thank you for your continued support of Unite with Ukraine and our efforts to support Ukrainian Defenders.

#UniteWithUkraine is an initiative of the Ukrainian World Congress. Within this global fundraising campaign, the UWC has already provided more than $40 million in aid to the Territorial Defense Forces, the Armed Forces of Ukraine as well as other security structures, and continues to raise funds to support Ukraine.

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