Unity is what makes Ukrainians invincible

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January 22,2023 611
Unity is what makes Ukrainians invincible

On January 22, the Ukrainian World Congress joins Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine around the world in celebrating Unity Day – one of the most important dates in our national history and in the history of Ukraine’s statehood.

On this day in 1919, the Ukrainian National Republic and the Western Ukrainian National Republic, which had previously been subjugated under the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires respectively, proclaimed the Unification Act that brought together the two republics into a single independent Ukrainian state. This declaration embodied the centuries-old Ukrainian national dream to live in a free, sovereign, independent and united national state, and a natural outcome of the Ukrainian nation’s fight for independence. It also laid the foundation for the restoration of Ukraine’s independence in 1991.

“Wherever we live, unity is our fundamental value – it is what makes Ukrainians invincible. For decades, Russian disinformation has sowed discord and divided the Ukrainian people and Ukrainians from their allies.  Through false historical myths and lies, Russian disinformation has brainwashed the Russian people and attempted to undermine global support for Ukraine.” stated Paul Grod, UWC President.

“Today, after almost a year of Russia’s brutal full-scale war of aggression, Ukrainians around world are united like never before and are standing fearlessly in defense of their families and homeland.  I am confident that together we will be victorious and liberate all the Ukrainian people suffering under Russia’s torturous occupation.  We thank all our allies for their strong support of Ukraine and call on them to increase supplies of much-needed military equipment, including heavy tanks, artillery, armored vehicles and planes. We also urge all Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine to donate to UWC’s UniteWithUkraine campaign that continues to provide the defenders of Ukraine with critical equipment and support,” Grod added.

In unity is strength – united we will prevail!