US concerned about Orbán’s visit to Moscow

July 8,2024 285
US concerned about Orbán’s visit to Moscow

The United States is concerned about Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s visit to Moscow and his meeting with Putin, an unnamed representative of the US presidential administration stated, according to European Pravda

“We are concerned that Prime Minister Orbán decided to make this trip to Moscow, which will not contribute to the advancement of peace, nor to the support of Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence,” the official said. 

Russia could end this war today by ceasing its aggression against Ukraine, the American official added. 

Orbán met with Putin on July 5 to discuss Ukraine. The Hungarian Prime Minister said that the visit was significant as it coincided with Hungary’s presidency of the EU Council. “The number of countries that can talk to both sides of the conflict is rapidly decreasing. Soon, Hungary will likely be the only country in Europe that can talk to everyone… I would like to learn your position on a number of important issues for Europe,” Orbán said.

After the negotiations, the Hungarian prime minister stated that the positions of Kyiv and Moscow regarding Russia’s war of conquest “are very far apart.”

Orbán continues to position himself as a mediator to end the war in Ukraine, despite Putin’s refusal to negotiate. In this way, the Hungarian prime minister aims to shift Western attention to potential peace talks to undermine European support for Ukraine, wrote the Institute for the Study of War.

After meeting with Putin, Orbán traveled to China to meet with the country’s leader, Xi Jinping.

Cover: Aljazeera

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