US Congress Supports Longer-Range Missiles

US Congress Supports Longer-Range Missiles

“Both parties in the US Congress support sending Ukraine long-range ATACMS missiles, which can hit at a distance of more than 280 kilometers,” according to Democratic Representative Elissa Slotkin, member of the House of Representatives Committee on Armed Forces Affairs, according to a story published by Kyiv Post.

US lawmakers attended a classified briefing this week that reported that russia has suffered 75,000 military casualties since the start of its full-scale invasion in February.

“The main conversation at the briefing was … what else we can and should do for Ukrainians, literally in the next three to six weeks, very urgently. The Ukrainians want to advance south and conduct operations in the south. And we want them to be as successful as possible,” said Ms Slotkin.

“I think that what we heard very firmly from President Zelensky and reinforced today is that the Ukrainians really want to hit russia in the teeth a few times before the winter comes, put them in the best position possible, particularly hitting them down south,” Slotkin added.

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