US discusses with Ukraine permission to use weapons deep into Russia

July 11,2024 357
US discusses with Ukraine permission to use weapons deep into Russia

The United States is discussing with Ukraine the permission to use American long-range weapons for strikes deep into Russia, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Smith said in an interview with Voice of America.

“We will continue to adjust and adapt our security assistance and the guidance we provide based on the operational and strategic needs of our partners in Ukraine,” Smith said.

Smith added that the US is currently working with Ukrainian colleagues to adapt and fine-tune the security assistance and the guidelines “that we provide along with this assistance to counter these threats.”

“These discussions are ongoing. I don’t want to ‘telegraph’ any of our strikes to the Russians, but we are working closely with Ukraine on this critical issue and will continue to collaborate closely,” he said.

Washington will do everything to “help Ukraine counter these threats either in the air or strike them where they arise,” Smith emphasized.

Ukraine should have the right to strike deep into Russian territory as the right to self-defense provides for it, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stated at a closing press conference following the official part of the NATO summit, as reported by European Pravda. “Under international law, Ukraine has the right to self-defense. We are helping Ukraine to realize its right to self-defense by supplying weapons and equipment, including long-range missiles, in particular, ATACMS,” Stoltenberg said.

Earlier, Marta Farion, UWC Vice President for North America and Vice President of the UCCA stated that the restrictions on strikes on Russian territory, set by the Pentagon for Ukraine since the beginning of the supply of American weapons, are completely unjustified and have knowingly placed the Ukrainian side at a disadvantage.

The White House should give Ukraine full freedom of action in using American weapons, believes Mike Johnson, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. 

Cover: John Hamilton/AP

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