US House of Representatives approves $61 billion package: when to expect aid

April 22,2024 345
US House of Representatives approves $61 billion package: when to expect aid

The US House of Representatives has at last passed a bill to provide Ukraine with assistance, which had been stalled for the past six months. The bill, which allocates $61 billion in support, was passed with 311 members voting in favor, 112 against, and 7 abstaining. One member chose not to vote.

The Ukrainian World Congress expresses gratitude to the House of Representatives of the United States Congress and Speaker Mike Johnson for the decision to provide Ukraine with $61 billion in aid and confiscate frozen Russian assets. We also thank the Ukrainian community in the USA for their consistent advocacy for American support.

Now, the bill needs to be supported by the Senate and signed by US President Joe Biden, who previously promised to do so as soon as possible. 

Ukraine, in particular, will be able to receive air defense systems, missiles, and artillery shells. “We have received the decision we were waiting for: the package of American support. This is the support we fought for. A very significant package that will be felt by our soldiers on the front lines, our cities, and villages suffering from Russian terror,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Of the total aid package, $23.2 billion will go towards replenishing American arms, supplies, and facilities. Another $11.3 billion will be spent on current US military operations in the region, while $13.8 billion will be allocated to purchase advanced weapons systems, defense goods, and defense services.

Ukraine will receive financial assistance of $7.9 billion through a loan. Subject to congressional review, 50% of the debt could be canceled after November 15, 2024. Additionally, Kyiv will have $26 million for continued oversight and accountability for the aid received and equipment.

The promised assistance, including long-range ATACMS systems from the USA, could be sent as early as next week, according to US Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner, as reported by CBS News

“Getting this additional equipment as quickly as possible. I hope once this gets to the President by Tuesday or Wednesday, that these shipments will be literally launched with that longer range ATACMS missile,” Warner said.

Cover: Reuters