US Intelligence: Putin wants most of Ukraine

June 30,2022 170
US Intelligence: Putin wants most of Ukraine

US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines stated that the Kremlin despot has not yet given up plans to seize most of the territory of Ukraine by military means, as reported by Reuters.

Ms Avril stated that US intelligence has developed three scenarios for Russia’s war on Ukraine in the short term. She considers a stalemate in which the enemy achieves only minor gains to be the most likely.

The other scenarios are an invader breakthrough or stabilization of the front line by Ukrainian defenders with but minor successes in southern Ukraine. “In short, the situation looks pretty bleak,” Ms Gaines concluded.

Meanwhile, NATO agreed on a new aid package worth EUR 330 million. The Alliance emphasized that it provides only non-lethal aid to Ukraine. Lethal weapons are supplied by NATO countries bilaterally or multilaterally.

NATO and Ukraine will develop a road map for achieving operational interoperability between the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the armies of NATO countries, as well as for the adaptation of the Ukrainian defense industry to Western weapons.

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