UWC accepts applications to take part in international remembrance project

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June 7,2023 770
UWC accepts applications to take part in international remembrance project

Applications are being accepted for the We Remember project of the Ukrainian World Congress’ Holodomor Descendants’ Network. The initiative is designed to document the evidence of the tragedy – the Soviet genocide of the Ukrainian people. The organizers call on young people to join to help preserve the memory of the Holodomor of 1932-33.

“We want young people to remember the true story of the Holodomor genocide. And it [We Remember project] is important today because Russia is again committing genocide against the Ukrainian nation for the same reasons it did in 1932-33. We have a rich history, and it [Russia] wants to steal it from us because it cannot be proud of its own. It should be ashamed of its history,” Olya Soroka, Head of the Global Holodomor Descendants’ Network, emphasized.

Students of grades 8-12 can take part in We Remember. Students are invited to interview a descendant of a Holodomor witness and learn about their families’ experiences during this tragic period of history.

“Record a 5-10-minute video interview with a Holodomor descendant, conducted in Ukrainian or English, capturing the memories and stories passed down through generations. Every submission will be recognized on the Holodomor Descendants Network website,” the project’s organizers said.

The deadline to apply is July 31. Selected entries will be aired on Kontakt Next Gen, a Toronto-based Ukrainian TV program for young people. Additionally, these interviews will be compiled into a professionally produced video honoring the 90th anniversary of the Holodomor, to be shared worldwide this fall.

“This is an exceptional opportunity for you to connect with history in a personal and meaningful way. Gain a deeper understanding of Ukraine’s heritage and contribute to preserving the stories of resilience and survival,” the We Remember organizers add.

Please see an example interview “Grade 7 student Marianna Davoudian interviews Uliana Hlynchak, Descendant Of The Holodomor Survivor”.


Visit to find out more information and to apply.

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