UWC and Ministry of Energy sign memorandum of cooperation

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July 19,2023 536
UWC and Ministry of Energy sign memorandum of cooperation

The Ukrainian World Congress signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and announced a new batch of aid. The parties agreed to coordinate efforts to strengthen the energy system and support the industry.

“The purpose of this MOU [memorandum of understanding] is to provide a framework … In particular, on implementation of activities leading towards urgent response, post-war recovery and more sustainable, inclusive, and green economic development, making energy system of Ukraine more resilient to the environmental, technical, social and governance risks,” the document’s text reads. 

UWC will continue cooperation with the Ministry as part of the Energize Ukraine project, the purpose of which is to restore Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

“Today we are announcing a donation from an American company of 1,000 solar panels, which we will transfer to Ukraine on behalf of UWC. These panels will be used to build solar power plants in hospitals. This is the first part of the initial aid package within the framework of the Energize Ukraine platform,” the UWC president said.

During the meeting in Kyiv, UWC President Paul Grod and Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko discussed joint efforts in the search for energy equipment to replace those damaged by hostilities. In addition, they agreed to coordinate actions to attract funding from public and private sources to support and restore the power grid.

“Partner support is especially important considering preparations for the next heating season. We expect that the next winter may be even more severe than the last. The largest repair campaign in the history of independence is being carried out, but the destruction is so great that any help is significant,” the Minister of Energy of Ukraine said.

Also in the plans of the UWC and the Ministry of Energy are the assessment of damage to the energy infrastructure, the development of a plan for the energy sector’s recovery, and cooperation in attracting international aid for demining the territories where energy facilities are located.

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