UWC and UBCR call on Brazil’s President to participate in the Peace Summit

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May 29,2024 291
UWC and UBCR call on Brazil’s President to participate in the Peace Summit

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) and the Ukrainian-Brazilian Central Representation (UBCR) issued an official letter to Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, calling for his participation in the Global Peace Summit on Ukraine, which will be held on 15-16 June 2024 at the Burgenstock Resort near Lucerne, Switzerland.

On behalf of the global Ukrainian diaspora and over 600,000 Ukrainian Brazilians, UWC President Paul Grod and UBCR President Vitório Sorotiuk thanked President Lula da Silva for Brazil’s consistent support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity at the UN. ​​They emphasized that Brazil’s participation in the Peace Summit is crucial, as Brazil is making significant efforts to find options for achieving peace in Ukraine.

The Global Peace Summit aims to bring together all peace-loving countries of the world to discuss a comprehensive, fair, and lasting peace for Ukraine based on the norms of international law and the Charter of the United Nations and possible ways of achieving it. Given the global challenges posed by Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, South America’s voice in the peace process is very important.

The UWC leaders expressed hope that Brazil will join efforts with many other nations in supporting and promoting Ukraine’s Peace Formula. This formula will help maintain long-term peace in the region, safeguard regional and global progress and prosperity, and contribute to establishing a more just global governance that will respect each country’s sovereignty.

“Your participation, Mr. President, in this event, will not only be an effective support for peace and a gesture of gratitude to all Brazilians of Ukrainian descent but will also help strengthen Brazil’s credibility and global leadership in the world,” reads the official letter.

The UWC’s and UBCR’s official appeal to President Lula da Silva was also read at the meeting of the Chamber of Deputies – Brazilian National Congress’ lower house.

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