UWC applauds African military support for Ukraine

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December 19,2022 1051
UWC applauds African military support for Ukraine

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) welcomes the commitment to provide military equipment to Ukraine from Africa.

According to official reports, in early December 2022, the Kingdom of Morocco committed to provide parts for Ukraine’s T-72 tanks, becoming the first African country to officially provide military assistance to Kyiv. The Royal Moroccan Armed Forces use T-72B/BK type tanks, purchased in 1999-2001 from Belarus. Morocco has also joined the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, also known as the ‘Ramstein format.’

“We are delighted that the global coalition in support of Ukraine is growing and becoming more assertive. Solidarity with the people of Ukraine among the civilized countries is strong thanks to the bravery of Ukraine’s defenders. Today, I witnessed first hand a highly motivated, capable and fearless armed forces. I had the privilege to meet these brave women and men at their outposts in Ukraine while we delivered critical equipment purchased with funds donated by friends of Ukraine through the UWC UniteWithUkraine campaign,” stated Paul Grod, UWC President.

Additionally, an unnamed African country has recently agreed to donate its T-72 tanks that were transferred to a defense company in the Czech Republic for repair “as a gesture of support for Ukraine.” This marks a significant shift for some African nations’ attitudes towards Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

“Ukrainians worldwide are grateful to these African nations, which have joined the global coalition in support of Ukraine. Through its colonial war of aggression against Ukraine, Moscow is trying to demonstrate that might is right. Many African countries are recognizing that if the Putin regime is not put down immediately, Russia’s actions will embolden some African nations to invade and wage war against their neighbours. They also realize that Russia is orchestrating an artificial food crisis by blocking Ukrainian grain shipments which will have a severe impact Africa,” stated Grod.

“As stated by senior military officials during my meetings in Kyiv and Lviv, they need maximum military support now. This includes tanks, 155 caliber howitzers, anti-missile and anti-aircraft defence systems and Javelin anti-tank rockets. Securing a rapid Ukrainian victory, which includes all Ukrainian territories, and holding all Russian war criminals accountable is critical to global stability, security, peace, and prosperity,” Grod added.

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