UWC applauds global leaders for advancing peace for Ukraine

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June 18,2024 335
UWC applauds global leaders for advancing peace for Ukraine

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) applauds leaders and high representatives of 91 countries, which have gathered in Lucerne, Switzerland, on June 15-16, 2024 and attended the Summit on Peace in Ukraine despite all Russian threats and attempts to undermine the Summit.  

We also thank these leaders for their support of Ukraine and their principled position on the need to achieve a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace for Ukraine. This high-level dialogue underscores the international community’s commitment to uphold international law and the United Nations Charter.

The final joint communique of the Summit on Peace in Ukraine was signed by eighty countries and four European institutions. This document reiterates UN General Assembly’s Resolutions, adopted in support of Ukraine, and underscores the need to uphold international law, including the principles of respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states enshrined in the UN Charter.

On the sidelines of the Summit for Peace, the Ukrainian Society of Switzerland, in partnership with UWC, spearheaded significant civil society engagements. These efforts included discussions between civil society leaders from around the world together with government officials from Switzerland and Ukraine, fostering collaboration and solidarity. Over 200 civil society organizations and political figures signed the UWC-initiated Lucerne Declaration for a Comprehensive, Just and Lasting Peace for Ukraine

“We call on all peace-loving people who want a just and lasting peace for Ukraine to sign the Lucerne Declaration,” stated Andrej Lushnycky, President Ukrainian Society of Switzerland, the main organizer of the Civil Society Side-Event.

The Lucerne Civil Society side-event culminated with a large public rally and a solemn outdoor concert, initiated by Ukrainian Society of Switzerland to draw attention to Ukrainians currently held captive in Russia and on temporarily occupied territories.

Participating in the conference and other events on the sidelines of the Summit for Peace in Switzerland, UWC President Paul Grod stated, “We recognize the invaluable contributions of the coalition of families of missing and captured Ukrainian defenders, whose advocacy remains a beacon of hope and justice. Their efforts underscore the human cost of conflict and the urgent need to immediately release all prisoners of war and political prisoners being persecuted in Russian prisons.”

The UWC remains committed to supporting Ukraine and its people in their quest for peace and in their fight for victory over Russia’s genocidal aggression. 

Cover: Office of the President of Ukraine

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