UWC appoints Councils’ and Committees’ Chairs

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February 12,2024 408
UWC appoints Councils’ and Committees’ Chairs

The Ukrainian World Congress confirmed and appointed new Chairs for its councils and committees. This announcement was made at a meeting of the UWC Board of Directors on Saturday, February 10.

Stefan Romaniw, UWC First Vice President and Co-Chair of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO), will lead the International Coordinating Committee for Holodomor Awareness and Recognition, encompassing the Holodomor Descendants’ Network. The committee also includes members like Olya Soroka (USA), Irka Mycak (Canada), Michael Sawkiw, Jr. (USA), and Vitório Sorotiuk (Brazil).

The International Coordinating Committee for Holodomor Awareness and Recognition is dedicated to advancing global acknowledgment of the Holodomor as genocide against the Ukrainian people. It collaborates with Ukrainian communities and various stakeholders, such as educational, religious, and cultural organizations, to back and synchronize educational and commemorative activities. Additionally, the Committee focuses on heightening awareness among international entities, political figures, and civil society about the Holodomor’s historical context and its current relevance to Ukraine.

Eugene Czolij, a former UWC President, will lead the Committee on the Protection of Rights of the Ukrainian World Congress and its Network. 

The committee’s membership comprises Nazar Kulchytskyy and Markiyan Bem from Ukraine, Sergey Vynnyk from Canada, and Peter Sztyk from Switzerland. 

In October 2019, the Committee on the Protection of Rights of the Ukrainian World Congress and its Network was formed as a reaction to the illicit rulings by the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. These authorities declared the activities of the UWC as “undesirable in the territory of the Russian Federation,” an action intended to isolate the UWC from the Ukrainian diaspora within Russia. The Committee’s objective is to contest these decisions legally and to solicit a fitting response from the global community.

UWC Vice President Jaroszlava Hartyányi will chair the Committee on Membership of the UWC. The Committee also includes Pavlo Sadokha (Portugal), Yevgeniya Petrova (Canada), Nataliya Poshyvaylo-Towler (Australia), Jorge Danylyshyn (Argentina), Volodymyr Kogutyak (France), Roman Mykytenko (Denmark), Mykola-Myroslav Petretskyi (Romania), Miroslav Hočak (Serbia), Marta Farion (USA), Michael Sawkiw, Jr. (USA), Yevheniy Semenov (UAE) and Dzvinka Kachur (South Africa).

The Committee on Membership of the UWC is dedicated to broadening the UWC network by engaging with member organizations, associate members, and supporter organizations. Additionally, it focuses on formulating recommendations for the Board of Directors on various aspects of UWC membership. This includes considerations regarding membership fees and community matters that demand further attention.

Lyuba Lyubchyk (France) will chair the UWC International Educational Coordinating Council (IECC). 

The IECC is responsible for orchestrating the educational activities within the diaspora. It collaborates with educational institutions to enhance Ukrainian education and maintain Ukrainian identity among youth outside of Ukraine. Additionally, IECC contributes to educational reforms in Ukraine by involving teachers in curriculum enhancement and professional development.

The World Council of Ukrainian social services, under the leadership of Ulyana Gutsal from Canada, focuses on coordinating and guiding aid efforts with Ukrainian communities across various countries. 

The World Council of Ukrainian cooperatives, steered by Oleg Lebedko from the USA, is responsible for orchestrating the activities of the Ukrainian cooperative movement abroad and supports the development of this movement in Ukraine. 

Dmitrii Lecartev from Moldova heads the Commission on Autochthonous Ukrainians, which addresses critical issues such as language, culture, history, and the development of public life of Ukrainians living in territories historically adjacent to Ukraine. 

Stefan Romaniw will lead the Commission on Religious Affairs, which collaborates with the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations, and other churches in Ukraine and the diaspora. This commission focuses on providing spiritual care to communities and upholding moral (Christian) principles.

Zenon Potoczny from Canada chairs the Economic Prosperity and Investment Committee (EPIC). This Committee creates opportunities for Ukrainians in the diaspora, including entrepreneurs, investors, and partners, to forge connections and contribute to Ukraine’s economic growth and development.

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