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September 25,2012 171

September 25, 2012




The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) announces that the Canada Ukraine Foundation/Ukrainian Canadian Congress (CUF/UCC) and the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) will merge their respective international election observation missions for the October 28, 2012 Parliamentary elections in Ukraine with the UWC mission. 


The UWC previously appointed Tamara Olexy, UCCA President and Paul Grod, UCC President as co‑Heads of Mission and is pleased to announce that Ambassador Derek Fraser will serve as Chief Observer.  The mission will incorporate the long term observation efforts of the CUF/UCC mission. 


The Ukrainian World Congress is pleased to incorporate the excellent work done to date by the CUF/UCC and is proud that Ambassador Derek Fraser will serve as Chief Observer,” stated UWC President Eugene Czolij.  “I have tremendous confidence in the observer mission which will be led by Tamara Olexy and Paul Grod who have led many effective observer missions in the past.”


CUF/UCC was one of the first international election observer missions in Ukraine,” stated CUF Chairman Bob Onyschuk, Q.C. ” We have issued two important reports and established solid ties with the other missions, embassies and political parties. I’m pleased we can increase the effectiveness of our current mission by joining the UWC mission together with our American counterparts.”

Observers from every corner of the world including Dubai, Spain, Canada, the U.S., Russia and Australia have committed to join the UWC mission including many Parliamentarians and Senators from various countries,” stated Paul Grod.  “As each of our organizations has tremendous experience and credibility in monitoring elections in Ukraine, this is a natural evolution that will maximize our effectiveness.”

As international election observers, our most important role is to be objective and professional,” stated Tamara Olexy.  “All our observers sign a strict Code of Conduct that is modelled on that of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.  The mission is not permitted to be involved in the political process but only to observe and report on whether the pre-election and election processes meet the laws of Ukraine and international norms.  Ultimately, we want to ensure that the will of the Ukrainian people is heard and respected.”


The UWC and all of its constituent organizations call upon people around the world to register as election observers.  We also need your financial support to ensure the effectiveness of our mission.  You can make a donation or register to observe the elections in either Ukraine or at any registered polling station outside Ukraine by visiting


The UWC is the international coordinating body for Ukrainian communities in the diaspora representing the interests of over 20 million Ukrainians. The UWC has member organizations in 33 countries and ties with Ukrainians in 14 additional countries. Founded in 1967 as a non-profit corporation, the UWC was recognized in 2003 by the United Nations Economic and Social Council as a non-governmental organization (NGO) with special consultative status.


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