UWC calls for an immediate boycott on Russian goods and services

March 30,2022 426
UWC calls for an immediate boycott on Russian goods and services

The Ukrainian World Congress calls upon all Ukrainians around the world, upon all friends of Ukraine and upon the international community to be resolute in boycotting Russian goods and services. For more than a month, the Russian Federation has been waging a barbaric and ruthless unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine and its people. The Russian military are committing terrible war crimes and using prohibited weapons, while Russian criminal air attacks have already led to heavy casualties and left thousands of civilian Ukrainians wounded.  

“Each dollar paid for Russian goods, or for a Russian service, is another investment into the atrocious Russian war machine, bringing destruction to Ukraine and sufferings to its people. We thank those businesses which have already cut ties with Russia and call on those which continue to trade with Russia to follow their example,” said Paul Grod, UWC President.  

Since the invasion of Ukraine began, over 450 companies have announced their withdrawal from Russia, but some have continued to operate there undeterred and further sponsor Russian atrocities in Ukraine. The same goes for the Russian-made products on shelves of many Western retailers.  

“UWC calls for Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine all over the world to write letters, post on social media, and call their elected officials to urge businesses and institutions in each city, province, and country to terminate their contracts with Russia. They should also seize Russia’s dirty money assets, and divest any public funds, including all pension fuds,” said Paul Grod. 

Here’s also what you can do: 

  • Stop buying Russian goods 
  • Target companies, which continue operating in or trading with Russia, on social media and write letters to them, publish their visuals 
  • Organise public rallies near the companies’ offices in their countries of residence 
  • If you work in the target companies, organise as employees and demand action 
  • Write letters to address CEOs, CFOs, ESG officers of such companies 
  • Target companies’ shareholders, investment and pensions funds. 

For additional materials, sample letter to company CEOs and a list of businesses that continue operating in Russia please visit  

The world must #BoycottRussia and stop financing its military invasion of Ukraine NOW!  




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