UWC Calls for Closer Ukraine-NATO Coordination Amid Poland Tensions

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November 19,2022 435
UWC Calls for Closer Ukraine-NATO Coordination Amid Poland Tensions

The Ukrainian World Congress is appalled by the recent rocket incident in Poland, which killed two people in the village of Przewodów, near the border with Ukraine. We call upon NATO allies to increase their support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the face of growing Russian military threat and to increase cooperation with Ukraine to establish an efficient continuous air defense.  

On Tuesday, just as Russia was carrying out one of its most massive rocket attacks against Ukraine since the start of the full-scale war, two Russian-made missiles landed on the Polish territory, one of them in the village of Przewodów.  

“On behalf of the global Ukrainian community, I would like to express my deep condolences to President Andrzej Duda and to people of Poland because of these tragic events,” stated Paul Grod, UWC President. “Unfortunately, Russia’s cruel, barbaric war on Ukraine has crossed the border with Poland and with the NATO. Regardless of the official investigation, we well know that the source of this evil, hatred and deaths is the Putinist Russia.” 

Since March 2022, both the Ukrainian government and the UWC have been calling on global leaders to supply Ukraine with the modern air defense systems, anti-missile systems, fighter jets, etc., so that Ukraine could close its sky and protect its civilians and peaceful cities from Moscow’s ruthless rocket attacks. We have been also warning the West that dictator Putin’s aggression won’t be limited to Ukraine and will go beyond it. And so, it happened.  

Today, Putin’s criminal regime is actively trying to destroy Ukraine’s energy infrastructure in an attempt to ruin the country’s economy and organize a humanitarian catastrophe. As part of these criminal efforts, the Russians are also trying to destroy energy connections between Ukraine and Poland.   

“After the Przewodów incident, we all find ourselves in new alarming conditions. Considering that Ukraine’s energy system is part of the single European ENTSO-E network, it is likely that Russia will continue its missile attacks on energy infrastructure located near the Ukrainian-Polish border. Thus, NATO must immediately deploy more air defense to Poland. We also call on NATO command to implement closer coordination between the Alliance’s and Ukraine’s air defense to provide a common effective response to Russia’s rocket terror,” added Mr. Grod. 



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