UWC calls for NATO’s response to Russia’s growing destabilization of the Black Sea region

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August 21,2023 702
UWC calls for NATO’s response to Russia’s growing destabilization of the Black Sea region

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is deeply concerned with Russia’s increasing destabilization of the Black Sea region and its threats to foreign cargo vessels. Russia’s ongoing terror in the Black Sea not only threatens security in the whole region but also aims to provoke a global food crisis.    

We call on all NATO member states to deliver meaningful support to ensure victory for Ukraine, including the provision of the German Taurus and American ATACMS long-range missiles.  Only with the return of Crimea to Ukraine, will there be order, security and the rule of international law in the Black Sea.     

“Putin clearly sees the Black Sea as Moscow’s exclusive sphere of influence. Russia’s attempts to impose a blockade of Ukrainian seaports and interrupt commercial shipping as well as Russian fleet’s hostile actions against foreign cargo vessels are tantamount to terrorism. The Black Sea NATO members and other countries in the region must restore order and allow for the free passage of commercial vessels,” stated UWC President Paul Grod.    

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the U.S. Department of State have condemned Russian naval threats and provocations aimed at further disrupting the supply of Ukrainian grain and oilseeds to the global market.    

In addition to engaging in terrorism at sea, over the past few months, Russia has been constantly launching missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian Black Sea and Danube River ports to destroy Ukraine’s grain infrastructure and hamper the country’s commercial shipping.    

“Russia continues to be a global threat that must be stopped with a show of strength by NATO and its allies. Provocations orchestrated by Russia’s infamous Wagner Group against Poland and the Baltic states as well as the destabilization of the Black Sea region by the Kremlin are all elements of Putin’s strategy to spread chaos and hybrid warfare in Europe. The NATO member states must act now and be bold in their support of Ukraine!” added President Grod.