UWC calls on media to share the truth about Kakhovka HPP blow-up

June 7,2023 775
UWC calls on media to share the truth about Kakhovka HPP blow-up

After the Kakhovka HPP blow-up, some Western media outlets started hinting at Ukraine’s possible responsibility. 

“Infuriating to see some media report “Kyiv and Moscow accusing each other” of ruining the Kakhovka dam. It puts facts and propaganda on equal footing. Ukraine is facing a huge humanitarian and environmental crisis,” Dmytro Kuleba, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, said. 

Ukrainian World Congress lists proof of why Russia is responsible for the catastrophe. 

  1. Russian occupation forces controlled the hydroelectric power plant. Invaders seized the town of Nova Kakhovka and Kakhovka HPP in late February 2022. 
  2. Russians used control over the dam to harm Ukraine. The Ukrainian government called on the international community to use all available means to pressure Russia to close the floodgates and restore the hydraulic structures to prevent an environmental and social catastrophe.
  3. Only Russia could have physically placed a large number of explosives at the dam. The dam was destroyed by detonating massive explosives placed by the Russians in advance. 
  4. Ukraine had already warned the world about Russia’s intentions to blow up the dam. In the fall of 2022, information emerged about Russia’s intentions to blow up the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam to prevent the summer and autumn campaigns of Ukraine’s Defense Forces in southern Ukraine. 
  5. The explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant fits into the Russians’ general tactic of “scorched earth.” Russia has demonstrated by all its actions that it does not reckon with the lives and health of Ukrainians, killing them daily with missiles, drones, and bombs.
  6. The Russians had a clear motive for blowing up the dam – to make the lower reaches of the Dnipro impassable for a Ukrainian counteroffensive.
  7. The sole purpose of the Russian war against Ukraine is the genocide of the Ukrainian people and the total destruction of Ukrainian lands

With its brutality, Russia has once again proved that it had become a major global threat to the rest of the world. Please spread the word as much as possible! Only together can we stop the empire of absolute evil!

Source: uwcongress