UWC calls on Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to amend the Draft Law on Citizenship

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May 22,2020 89

Draft Law #2590 “On amendments to certain laws of Ukraine on citizenship” that is due to be reviewed by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the coming days and that provoked vivid discussions in the society, must be substantially amended.

The Ukrainian World Congress consistently emphasizes the need for liberalization of multiple citizenship upon the condition of implementing security safeguards from the influence of Russian Federation and other states that act against Ukraine’s interests. These steps will allow to protect Ukraine’s national security and will create a basis to develop further ties between diaspora and Ukraine.

In October #2019 UWC, in cooperation with expert groups, developed and in October 2019 submitted to the President of Ukraine its proposals for the draft law on citizenship. These proposals were based on the principles of liberalization and security safeguards. On 12 December 2019, the President of Ukraine submitted Draft Law #2590 to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. This draft law includes some of the significant proposals provided by UWC. At the same time, a number of important UWC proposals have not been included in the draft law #2590. Draft law #2590 contains suggestions from other ministries and departments that need further discussion and agreement.

Ukrainian World Congress supports the need for a comprehensive analysis and further refinement of the draft law #2590 in order to:

–       ensure effective protection of Ukraine’s national security, especially amid the ongoing Russian aggression. For instance, implement effective grounds to deprive persons involved in military aggression against Ukraine of citizenship and for non-recognition of multiple citizenship of the aggressor state;

–       protect the rights of the diaspora representatives and further engage the global Ukrainian community in developing Ukraine. Lift the ban for persons with foreign citizenship to take up government positions in Ukraine;

–       further support European integration of Ukraine.

“We urge Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to substantively amend the Draft law #2590. The UWC is ready to further contribute as part of working groups at all expert levels, collaborating with the Rada factions to further refine the important multiple citizenship legislation that will encourage Ukrainians to return to Ukraine, as well as support further political and economic development of Ukraine” – stated Paul Grod, UWC President.


Background: UWC Statement of 05 Feb 2020, letter to the Chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine