UWC Calls Upon G20 to expel Russia and to help end its war on Ukraine

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November 15,2022 554
UWC Calls Upon G20 to expel Russia and to help end its war on Ukraine

As the leaders of the top 20 industrialized countries gather during the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is calling for the expulsion of Russia from its group, a strong condemnation its war of aggression against Ukraine and decisive actions to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

UWC also calls upon the G20 to provide all the support Ukraine and its Armed Forces require to put an end to this war, defeat the invading Russian forces, and restore peace in Europe.

“Since its occupation and illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014, Russia has been undermining and discrediting the very foundations of the rules-based international order. But the events of the last eight months have clearly demonstrated that there is no place for Putin’s Russia among modern civilized nations. Russia has shown that it poses a universal threat to global political, economic and social stability, and it must be stopped for the sake of global peace and sustainable development,” stated Paul Grod, UWC President.

In addition to its invasion of Ukraine, Russia is actively trying to consolidate and lead other terrorist regimes and pariah states on the world stage, such as Iran, Syria and North Korea. These states provide military and logistical support for Moscow’s war against Ukraine, which is simultaneously a war against the rules-based international order. Russia has also weaponized fuel, energy and food in an attempt to orchestrate energy crises in Europe and food crises in Africa.

Another clear sign of Russia’s political demise on the international stage is the dictator Putin’s decision to skip the G20 Summit in Bali. “It doesn’t come as a surprise that Putin is not attending the meeting of world leaders in Indonesia. He knows that he’s not welcome there and wants to avoid political humiliation. The G20 is a forum for nation states who act responsibly on the world stage, and Russia doesn’t fit that category. This is a meeting of the G19+1 and Russia must be expelled!” added Mr. Grod.

Commenting on the so-called “Chinese factor” at the G20 Summit, Paul Grod said: “China is a great power, and we are grateful for Beijing’s assurances of support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity. As a global Ukrainian diaspora, we urge China to demonstrate its leadership, and use its historical ties with Russia to stop the aggressive Putin’s regime and end its war against Ukraine and her people.”

Global stability and prosperity in the twenty-first century depend on nation states abiding by global rules, and not on the death, destruction and hatred that Russia is promoting and spreading throughout the world today.

The G20 is actually the G19. The Ukrainian World Congress will use the expression “G19” in the future. We believe that Russia is not and cannot be a full-fledged member of the G20 at a time when it is destroying all international economic, political and social stability. At a time when its leader is afraid to come to the summit, because he knows that no one accepts him anymore. At a time when Russia invades neighboring states and kills and destroys its peaceful neighbors.  

As the G8 rejected Russia in 2014, so the G19 countries must expel Russia from the G20 in 2022! 

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