UWC commemorates defenders of the Donets airport

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January 16,2022 268
UWC commemorates defenders of the Donets airport

Today the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) joins Ukraine and Ukrainians around the world in commemorating modern Ukrainian heroes – defenders of the Donetsk airport. 

The Battle of Donetsk International Airport lasted for 242 days, from May 2014 till January 2015, and became one of the major events of the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war. This episode of the war in Donbas became a demonstration of courage and persistence of Ukrainian military, as well as their devotion to Ukraine. And the control tower of the Donetsk airport, which had served as the “eyes” of the Ukrainian defenders of the airport, was widely recognized in Ukraine as a symbol of the nation’s resistance to Russian military aggression. 

 Heavy fighting over the airport, some of the worst fighting having taken place during the war in Donbas, played one of the major roles in breaking Russia’s plans for a “blitzkrieg” in the east of Ukraine. It was during these events that the Russian invaders, being in despair over their inability to recapture the airport from Ukrainians, called them “cyborgs”. 

Today, when Russia is once again amassing its forces on Ukraine’s borders, threatens to further invade Ukraine and intimidates Europe, the courage of Ukrainian “cyborgs” inspires Ukrainians in Ukraine and around the world to use all possible means to resist Russian aggression and defend our freedom. 

 We thank all Ukrainian military, volunteers and medical personnel for their valor. May the memory of the fallen heroes be eternal. Glory to all defenders of the Donetsk airport! 

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