UWC Commemorates the Day of Dignity and Freedom in Ukraine

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November 21,2022 788
UWC Commemorates the Day of Dignity and Freedom in Ukraine

On November 21, the Ukrainian World Congress commemorates Ukraine’s Day of Dignity and Freedom.

On this day, Ukrainians mark two significant events in their modern history, two occasions when they peacefully stood up for their human rights, democracy and Euro-Atlantic choice. Both the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of Dignity began on this day in 2004 and in 2013 respectively. These revolutions symbolize the wholesale rejection by Ukrainians of Russian dictator Putin’s attempts to re-establish Moscow’s dominance over Kyiv.

“Since his usurpation of power, Putin and his collaborators have been obsessed with re-establishing the historical myth of the Russian empire and reestablishing dominance over Ukraine is critical to his plan. The people of Ukraine have continuously rejected Moscow’s efforts to rule over Ukraine. The civilized world has finally recognized the Russian regime for what it is and is committed to Ukraine’s expedited Euro-Atlantic integration,” stated Paul Grod, UWC President.

Nine years ago, the 2013 Revolution of Dignity began as a clear expression of the Ukrainian people’s goal of joining the European Union. Deaf to the voice of the people, the Russian-controlled Yanukovych regime resorted to drastic measures that resulted in the deaths of more than a hundred innocent men and women, whom we honour and remember today as the Nebesna Sotnia (“Heavenly Hundred”). In early 2014, when Ukraine was at its weakest, Russia occupied Crimea and invaded Eastern Ukraine.

The UWC has stood side-by-side with Ukrainians on the Maidan of 2004 and 2013/14. Ukrainian communities around the world held rallies in support of the Revolution of Dignity (called ‘Euromaidans’). For the past 55 years, UWC has been the voice of the free Ukrainian people on the international stage. Today, the UWC continues to support the people of Ukraine in their fight against Russia’s deadly full-scale invasion and the imperialist Putin regime, which has declared as its goal the eliminating the Ukrainian nation.

“The Revolution of Dignity reaffirmed the Ukrainian people’s commitment to live in a free, independent, strong, democratic and European Ukraine. Today, all of Ukraine is one large Maidan, and her brave defenders are fighting for the ideals of the Maidan in a modern war for independence. With the support of our allies, the people of Ukraine will be victorious, just as they were on the Maidans! The fearless and brave Ukrainian people will prevail!” concluded Paul Grod.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

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