UWC Marks Baptism of Kyivan Rus and Day of Ukrainian Statehood

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July 28,2022 1265
UWC Marks Baptism of Kyivan Rus and Day of Ukrainian Statehood

July 28, 2022. Kyiv. Ukraine. The Ukrainian World Congress joins with the Ukrainian people in Ukraine and around the world in the traditional celebration of one of the most important Ukrainian religious and spiritual holidays – St. Volodymyr of Kyiv Day. Traditionally, this day is also celebrated as the Day of the Baptism of Kyivan Rus. 

This day also year marks the first anniversary of the Day of Ukrainian Statehood – a holiday introduced by President Volodymyr Zelensky in 2021 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. On May 31, 2022, Ukraine’s Parliament adopted a law establishing the Day of Ukrainian Statehood on July 28 as a national holiday. 

For Ukrainians, July 28 is a memorable date of special significance. It reminds us of the ancient history of the Ukrainian nation and state, and of the majestic figure of Prince Volodymyr the Great – one of the most revered figures in Ukrainian history. 

Being a prominent reformer and ruler, Prince Volodymyr united the lands of Kyivan Rus, turning it into one of the most powerful states of medieval Europe. He also made a great geopolitical choice in favor of the West by adopting Christianity as the official religion of Kyivan Rus in 988. The result was the political, economic, and cultural integration of the medieval Ukrainian state into Europe.  

For centuries, this story has inspired Ukrainians to serve their homeland and to struggle for its independence. Today’s Ukrainian national symbols have roots in these ancient times. The Emblem of the Royal State of Volodymyr the Great, which is widely known as the Trident, and the blue and yellow flag, which also traces back to the times of Kyivan Rus, remind us of the deep roots of Ukrainian statehood. 

“Today, when Ukrainian people are fighting and dying for their freedom and existence against russia’s atrocious aggression, we place a high value on Ukraine’s statehood. Despite russia’s attempts to once again destroy the Ukrainian nation and usurp Ukraine’s history, the world recognizes the deep and rich heritage of the Ukrainian nation that pre-dates the adoption of Christianity by Ukraine. 1034 years ago, when Kyiv was a key cultural and political capital in Europe, the Grand Principality of Moscow was but a mere swamp,” stated Paul Grod, UWC President.  

Congratulations on the Day of Christianization of Kyivan Rus’ – Ukraine! 

Congratulations on Ukrainian Statehood Day! 

Glory to Ukraine! 

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