UWC congratulates PROSVITA in Argentina on its 98th anniversary

August 1,2022 693
UWC congratulates PROSVITA in Argentina on its 98th anniversary

On August 1, 2022, the Ukrainian Culture Association PROSVITA in Argentina (Asociación Ukraina de Cultura PROSVITA) celebrates the 98th anniversary of its foundation.

The organization, founded in 1924, unites Ukrainians and their descendants in Argentinian society, in particular, by popularizing Ukrainian culture and upholding the national and sovereign interests of the Ukrainian people.

PROSVITA headquarters on Soler St.

With the beginning of the full-scale war, PROSVITA came out in support of Ukraine. As soon as February 25, 2022, the first large-scale demonstration against the russian invasion of Ukraine took place in the capital of Argentina, which marched through the streets of Buenos Aires and stopped in front of the embassy of the aggressor country.

UWC highly appreciates what the Ukrainian Culture Association PROSVITA has achieved over 98 years in developing Ukrainian public life on Argentinian soil. We are pleased to note the many-year successful cooperation of PROSVITA with UWC and thank all its members, led by the Chairman of the Board, UWC Regional Vice President Yuriy Danylyshyn.

Argentinian Ukrainians protest against Yanukovych’s “language laws) at the Ukrainian embassy in Buenos Aires (2013)

Ukrainians of Buenos Aires protest against russia’s aggression upon Ukraine (2014)

Rally in Buenos Aires against the russian invasion (March 2022)

Meeting in support of Ukraine (May 2022)