UWC’s Unite with Ukraine delivers 15 drones to Ukrainian defenders

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November 9,2023 762
UWC’s Unite with Ukraine delivers 15 drones to Ukrainian defenders

The “Unite with Ukraine” initiative of the Ukrainian World Congress has successfully delivered fifteen (15) “Avenger” unmanned aerial vehicle complexes to the Unmanned Aviation Battalion of Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, under military unit A4742. The Ukrainian World Congress takes pride in announcing this achievement.

Five TDF battalions on eastern and southern fronts will receive Ukrainian-manufactured UAV systems designed to destroy enemy armored equipment and defensive positions from the air, day or night.

“The 411th battalion of the Territorial Defense Forces expresses heartfelt gratitude to the Ukrainian World Congress and Unite with Ukraine for your assistance. With these fantastic aircraft, we will now be able to strike the occupants more effectively and accurately. Sincere thanks, together towards victory,” said junior lieutenant Taras Petrushak, acting chief of logistics of the A4742 military unit.

The Avenger UAV is designed for autonomous operation, taking off from the hands of a crew member and landing with a parachute landing system. It is powered by a 22.2v, 30000mAh battery and uses GPS tracking capabilities and a ground control system. The Avenger can fly up to a maximum range of 80 km, with a tactical radius of 40 km, and has a flight duration of 80 minutes. It can fly up to a maximum height of 1500 m and reach a top speed of 38 meters per second, thanks to its wingspan of 2430 mm. The Runcum Thumb Pro W 4K camera system is utilized in this drone, which can be ready for deployment in under 10 minutes and carry a payload of up to 4 kg.

“Today, the Ukrainian World Congress has delivered (three out of five) Avenger UAV complexes. These birds can carry a significant weight, perform necessary drops, and destroy enemy equipment and enemy deployment areas within the combat zone. We hope that this assistance can save our guys’ lives and, accordingly, eliminate as many enemies as possible. Much gratitude”, stated officer of the command of the TDF, Oleksandr Muzyka. 

Total value of the project is $233,500.00 USD or 8,420,000.00 UAH.

“Close cooperation and coordination with the Territorial Defense Forces has long been Unite with Ukraine’s top priory. In our work with the military, we understand that UAVs are a necessity now and today. We take pride in being able to assist in this direction. We are confident that these 15 birds will significantly strengthen the capabilities of our defenders, and we continue our work to do everything possible to help bring Ukrainian victory one step closer. These projects are only made possible by our generous donors and supporters. I encourage the diaspora to continue investing in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the independence of Ukraine.”, said Andrew Potichnyj, Director of the “Unite with Ukraine” initiative at the Ukrainian World Congress.

The Ukrainian World Congress unites the 20-million-strong Ukrainian diaspora in more than 60 countries into one powerful voice. The #UniteWithUkraine platform is a global charitable initiative of the Ukrainian World Congress to raise funds to purchase and deliver essential tactical medicine equipment, vehicles, and essential supplies to support Ukraine’s defenders. Since March 2022, #UniteWithUkraine has raised over $54 million to support the Territorial Defense Forces and other security structures of Ukraine.