UWC Easter Message: With our support, Ukraine will triumph over evil

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March 29,2024 520
UWC Easter Message: With our support, Ukraine will triumph over evil

During this Easter season, we celebrate Christ’s victory over every evil and over death itself.  It is the tenth Easter since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the tenth Easter that defenders of Ukraine are observing Easter in the trenches.  Today, every family in Ukraine is missing loved ones at the Easter table because they are on the front lines defending their families or have perished defending them. 

We owe a debt of gratitude to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, leaders in Ukraine and allies around the world, medical workers caring for the injured, our clergy, and volunteers in Ukraine and around the globe helping Ukraine.  We must care for the millions of Ukrainians forced to flee their homeland to ensure they stay Ukrainian and the families who have suffered so much because of Russia’s genocidal war on Ukraine.  We shall stand with the Ukrainian people until they are victorious, at peace, reconstructed, and justice is served upon the aggressors.

Most of us living outside Ukraine have been insulated from the war.  We have an obligation to ensure the people and leaders of the countries we live in continue to provide Ukraine with the means to achieve victory and restore control over Ukraine’s internationally recognized territories.

We know that a lasting and meaningful peace in the world depends on Ukraine’s victory.  Let’s all commit to do everything possible each day to help Ukrainians liberate their homeland and those living in persecution under Russian occupation. 

Our global Ukrainian community is key to Ukraine’s triumph.  United we are strong!  Let us come together as one powerful voice to ensure the entire civilized world stands with Ukraine until victory. 

Easter symbolizes the triumph of good over evil that truth and justice will prevail over the evil empires of the world.

With our support, Ukraine will triumph over evil!  

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!