UWC First Vice President Jaroszlava Hartyanyi addresses parliamentary hearings in Ukraine on “Status, issues and perspectives for safeguarding Ukrainian culture in Ukraine”

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May 3,2018 91

On 18 April 2018, First Vice President of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) Jaroszlava Hartyanyi addressed parliamentary hearings on the topic “Status, issues and perspectives for safeguarding Ukrainian culture in Ukraine” that were held in the Parliament of Ukraine in Kyiv and chaired by Oksana Syroid.

The First Vice President focused attention on the many aspects of the Ukrainian cultural heritage created and preserved by the millions-strong Ukrainian diaspora and autochthonous Ukrainians, including churches, religious artifacts, ethnographic villages, museums, libraries and archives. Jaroszlava Hartyanyi emphasized the importance of uniting forces to preserve this heritage, referring to the example of the special state center of Hungary for the preservation of the cultural heritage of the Hungarian people in the diaspora. Jaroszlava Hartyanyi shared the initiative of the UWC International Council for Cultural Affairs to develop in cooperation with Ukraine a digital registry of Ukrainian cultural valuables outside Ukraine and informed about a future joint project of the UWC and International Institute for Education, Culture and Diaspora Relations of Lviv Polytechnic National University – a virtual museum of the global Ukrainian community.   

“I call upon the governing authorities of Ukraine to cooperate with the Ukrainian World Congress and the Ukrainian diaspora that it represents to preserve the Ukrainian cultural legacy beyond the borders of Ukraine and to share information on its existence with the broader Ukrainian community,” stated Jaroszlava Hartyanyi.

View video of the address by Jaroszlava Hartyanyi HERE (beginning from 1.41 min).

More information on the parliamentary hearings on “Status, issues and perspectives for safeguarding Ukrainian culture in Ukraine” is available in Ukrainian on the website of the Parliament of Ukraine