UWC honors the memory of the Heroes of Kruty

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January 29,2024 640
UWC honors the memory of the Heroes of Kruty

Today, on January 29, the Ukrainian World Congress stands with the millions-strong Ukrainian diaspora in paying tribute to the Heroes of Kruty. 106 years ago, on the Kruty railway platform, around 500 Ukrainian fighters and students bravely fought Russian Bolshevik forces, halting their advance towards Kyiv with 16 machine guns and one cannon.

Their resilience delayed the enemy for four crucial days, allowing the signing of the Brest-Litovsk Peace Treaty and gaining international recognition for Ukrainian independence. As a brutal Russian invasion unfolds today, with the Ukrainian defense line spanning about 3,000 kilometers, the spirit of Kruty defenders continues to inspire Ukrainians to fight against the Russian terrorist empire.

Over a century later, the enemy’s objective remains unchanged: the annihilation of Ukrainian statehood and those who stand in defense. 

The UWC emphasizes the importance of sharing the truth about Ukraine’s history and cherishing the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for an independent and sovereign Ukraine.

Cover: Kruty 1918 movie

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