UWC honors Ukraine’s military on Armed Forces Day and commits to support them on and off the battlefield!

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December 6,2022 490
UWC honors Ukraine’s military on Armed Forces Day and commits to support them on and off the battlefield!

As the people of Ukraine continue to endure Russia’s brutal ground and missile attacks, they remain committed to defend their country’s freedom.  It is thanks to the brave, skilled, and determined women and men of its Armed Forces, that Ukraine remains a sovereign nation. Today, on Armed Forces Day, we bow our heads before the fearless defenders of Ukraine.  

Every day, Ukraine’s brave soldiers put their lives on the line defending the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine.  On Ukraine’s Armed Forces Day, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) honors the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), Ukrainian military command and all the brave men and women valiantly defending Ukraine against Russia’s genocidal war.   

“Ukrainians all around the world salute the Armed Forces and are deeply proud of Ukraine’s courageous defenders!  Today, we call on all leaders of the civilized world to maximize their military support for Ukraine, including aircraft, tanks, long-range missiles, anti-aircraft and anti-rocket systems.  Ukraine will be victorious.  The only questions are how long it will take, how many lives will be lost, and the total cost to the world for the massive reconstruction, which grows larger by the day,” stated Paul Grod, UWC President.   

 During the three months of fall, the AFU have liberated most of the Kharkiv Oblast, northern parts of the Donetsk Oblast and the right-bank of the Kherson Oblast, including the city of Kherson – the only Ukrainian administrative center that Russia managed to occupy since the start of the unprovoked full-scale invasion in February 2022.   

“The courageousness and resilience of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is humbling and impressive.  I know for a fact the efforts and successes of Ukraine’s Armed Forces will be studied around the world by military tacticians for decades to come.  The world, and no doubt, Ukrainians themselves are both proud and impressed by the tactical excellence and fighting acumen of Ukraine’s brave defenders as they fight for their democracy and Ukraine’s right to exist,” stated General (Ret) Rick Hillier, Canada’s former Chief of Defence Staff and Chair the UWC’s Strategic Advisory Counsel.  

Many political and military leaders doubted the Ukrainian defenders’ abilities to push back or make significant gains against the Russian army.  Recent victories demonstrate that Ukraine’s army is among the best in the world.  Each day Ukraine’s citizens demonstrate their resilience and overwhelmingly committed to freedom and liberation of all their territories, including Mariupol, Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea.     

“Today on Armed Forces Day and every day, we join Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine around the world in honoring the women and men of Ukraine’s Armed Forces!” underscored Grod.  

As private citizens, we can also make a difference by supporting the UWC #UniteWithUkraine campaign and donating today at The UWC, along with our communities and partners around the world, continue to gather donations that equip Ukraine’s defenders with critical winter gear and support Ukraine’s war veterans. Your generous donations will help protect Ukraine’s defenders throughout this decisive winter!