UWC honours tenth anniversary of Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity

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November 21,2023 1339
UWC honours tenth anniversary of Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity

On November 21, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) together with Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine around the globe, honour the 10th anniversary of the start of Euromaidan protests that evolved into the Revolution of Dignity.  

On this day, the people of Ukraine peacefully stood up in defence of their aspiration to live in a democratic state that respects human rights and freedoms. The peaceful mass protest that lasted for three months in the capital city of Kyiv and all the major cities across the country, shaped modern Ukraine and cemented Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic orientation.   

“Ten years ago, the people of Ukraine reaffirmed their commitment to European values and overthrew the Kremlin-controlled President of Ukraine who lied to his people and created a police state. The Revolution of Dignity has become a symbol of Ukrainian’s commitment to freedom, democracy and human rights. Today, Ukraine’s brave defenders continue to fight for the ideals embodied by the Revolution of Dignity. We will never again be subjugated by Russia and it’s autocratic, imperialist, fascist world views,” stated the UWC President Paul Grod.  

The Revolution of Dignity began as an expression of the Ukrainian people’s aspiration to join the European Union. Ignoring the popular will, the Russian-controlled regime of President Yanukovych resorted to the use of force, resulting in the deaths of over a hundred innocent civilians, whom today we remember as the Nebesna Sotnia (‘Heavenly Hundred’). Following Yanukovych’s retreat to Moscow, Russia used the ensuing chaos to occupy Crimea and invade eastern Ukrainian provinces to keep Ukraine in its orbit of influence. Unable to subjugate Ukraine with the help of a hybrid war in the Donbas, the Kremlin launched a brutal full-scale invasion of the country in late February 2022.   

The UWC stood side by side with Ukrainians and became their international voice during this historical moment. Ukrainian communities worldwide held rallies in support of the Revolution of Dignity (called ‘Euromaidans’). Today, the UWC continues to support the people of Ukraine in their fight against the invading Russian forces whose declared goal is the elimination of the Ukrainian nation.  

“We thank the international community for their military, economic and political support for Ukraine. Today Ukraine needs the necessary weapons to win the war and defeat Russia,” concluded President Grod.  

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