UWC honours the memory of the Heroes of Ilovaisk

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August 29,2021 171
UWC honours the memory of the Heroes of Ilovaisk

Today, on Ilovaisk Heroes Memorial Day, the Ukrainian World Congress and the global Ukrainian diaspora join Ukraine in honoring the memory of brave Ukrainian men and women, who have made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine in the Battle of Ilovaisk – one of the most large-scale battles of the modern Russo-Ukrainian War.   

 7 years ago, during an attempt of the Ukrainian forces to capture the city of Ilovaisk on the outskirts of Donetsk, the overwhelming Russian military encircled the Ukrainians. Following a call from President Putin, the Russians and their proxies were said to have declared a truce and announced a “humanitarian corridor” for the trapped Ukrainian soldiers, allowing them to leave Ilovaisk. However, as soon as Ukrainians started moving through the Russian corridor on August 29 to leave the city, the Russian forces have treacherously opened fire. Putin’s “green corridor” became a road of death for Ukrainian soldiers.  

 The total Ukrainian losses in the Battle of Ilovaisk reached more than 360 men and women. Among them were representatives of Ukrainian diaspora, such as Ukrainian American Mark Gregory Paslawsky from New York.  

 The terrible war crimes committed by the Russian Federation in the Donbas, particularly in Ilovaisk, once again remind us of what an insidious and cynical opponent Ukraine and the whole Free World are dealing with. 

 The Ukrainian World Congress together with the multi-million Ukrainian diaspora will continue their work at all levels to hold the Russian aggressor accountable for all its crimes in Crimea and in the Donbas. 

Eternal glory to the Heroes of Ilovaisk and to all Ukrainian patriots, who gave their lives for the freedom of Ukraine!  

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