UWC International Election Observation Mission releases Preliminary Observations

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July 22,2019 109

2019 Parliamentary Election  in Ukraine has met international standards for the conduct of democratic elections

On 22 July 2019, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) International Election Observation Mission released its Preliminary Observations during a press conference held at the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre in Kyiv, Ukraine, confirming that the 2019 Presidential Election in Ukraine met international standards for the conduct of democratic elections.

The UWC Mission, which numbered 142 short-term observers (STOs) from 30 countries, closely cooperated with UWC member organization, Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, which registered 32 STOs. The UWC and UCCA missions monitored the electoral process in 20 oblasts of Ukraine and in Ukrainian diplomatic missions in 23 countries.

The UWC Mission expresses gratitude to UWC member organization – the World Congress of Ukrainian Youth Organizations, for deploying a substantial number of short-term observers with the UWC Mission.

Although UWC STOs recorded minor irregularities in certain polling stations, these irregularities were not systemic and did not impact on the election results. 

Russian hybrid aggression against Ukraine had the worst impact on the 2019 Parliamentary Election in Ukraine since it did not allow the Ukrainian people to elect MPs from Crimea and the occupied territories of the Donbas.

“The UWC Mission commends the governing authorities and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, on securing a transparent electoral process” stated Head of the UWC Mission Eugene Czolij. ”Despite the hybrid aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine the majority of Ukrainians had the opportunity to participate in shaping their future.”

The UWC Mission will publish a comprehensive final report following completion of the electoral process.

The Preliminary Observations of the UWC Mission can be read HERE.

The press conference regarding the Preliminary Observations can be viewed HERE.

Preliminary observations on media-monitoring by the UWC Mission Long-Term Observers will be presented on 24 July 2019, at 11:00, in the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre, Kyiv.


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