UWC joins international conference in Romania

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November 13,2023 178
UWC joins international conference in Romania

Paul Grod, President of the Ukrainian World Congress, recently shared insights at the international conference, “Ukrainian Language Day in Romania, an Opportunity to Reflect on the Challenges in the Region.” The event was held on November 9 in Bucharest. The event was attended by over 200 participants from six countries, including representatives of the Romanian and Ukrainian authorities. 

During the event, the UWC President extended congratulations to the Union of Ukrainians of Romania (UUR) on Ukrainian Language Day and engaged in meaningful discussions with the President of the European Congress of Ukrainians, Bohdan Rajčinec, and Former UWC President Eugene Czolij. Together, they delved into Ukraine’s geopolitical challenges and explored potential solutions. The event was aimed at supporting the cultural and linguistic specificity and identity of national minorities and promoting democratic values in an intercultural and interethnic context. 

Mykola-Myroslav Petretskyi, President of the Union of Ukrainians in Romania, also addressed the conference participants. “The celebration of the native language is one of the most important moments in the life of a nation. Any nation can rebuild anything material, but the language cannot be restored if it is lost. The UWC is making consistent efforts to preserve the Ukrainian language and these efforts are bearing fruit, as evidenced by the results of the latest census conducted in Romania, which once again confirmed the importance of the Ukrainian community in Romania. I thank everyone for supporting the Ukrainian people and their language, especially in these difficult times,” Petretskyi said. 

The conference was divided into five thematic panels: “The Ukrainian Language in Romania: Promoting linguistic and cultural diversity in a European context. The Romanian interethnic model”, “The pivotal role of national minorities in boosting three-party cooperation among Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine,” “Democracy versus autocracy: The importance of further providing multidimensional support to Ukraine,” “Fighting disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and manipulation. The impact of these phenomena on the internal social political processes in Europe”, and “Bilateral and multilateral interparliamentary cooperation to strengthen the strategic and privileged relations among Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova and to promote European democratic values.”

This marked the 5th occurrence of the conference, showcasing the significance of the Ukrainian community in Romania, which stands out for its rich cultural, historical, and geographical contributions. Several vocal groups performed Ukrainian folk songs. In addition, the Ivan Franko Theater troupe from the Ukrainian Society in Romania presented an exquisite performance, showcasing the diversity and richness of the Ukrainian cultural heritage.

The Ukrainian community in Romania is one of the largest in terms of culture, history and geography, and the third-largest national minority in Romania. Leading this vibrant community is Mykola-Myroslav Petretskyi, a Member of the Romanian Parliament and UWC Vice President for Eastern Europe (Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia).