UWC leaders meet MP Dmytro Lubinets, Verkhovna Rada Committee Chair

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June 25,2020 229

On June 23 leaders of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) met with Dmytro Lubinets MP, Chair of Verkhovna Rada Committee on Human Rights, Deoccupation and Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories in Donetsk, Luhansk Regions and Autonomous Republic of Crimea, National Minorities and Interethnic Relations.

Paul Grod, UWC President, underlined a number of key areas of cooperation between the Ukrainian World Congress and the Committee. In particular, he presented UWC position on the draft citizenship legislation 2590 now tabled at the Parliament and reiterated UWC support to the liberalization of multiple citizenship. UWC President once again stressed the importance to embed security safeguards in such legislation, as well as emphasized the need to amend the current draft. Dmytro Lubinets welcomed the UWC proposal to collaborate with the Committee at all expert levels to offer UWC suggestions and comments on the proposed draft.

UWC leaders highlighted the draft law 2038 on recognition of forced deportation of Ukrainians from Polish People’s Republic in 1944-1951. UWC emphasized that duly recognizing these tragic events of Ukraine’s history is our duty before the future generations. The discussion also focused on the ongoing violations of human rights in the occupied territories of Ukraine, and the need to collaborate on a strategic roadmap to de-occupy and reintegrate the occupied Ukrainian territories of Donbas and Crimea.

“Civil society plays a crucial role in raising awareness and consolidating the support of the international community for Ukraine. UWC is committed to working with key partners in Ukraine and globally on human rights issues, as well as the return and reintegration of occupied Crimea and Donbas territories “ – mentioned Paul Grod, UWC President.