UWC Leadership Met the head of the UGCC Major Archbishop Sviatoslav

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August 23,2021 149
UWC Leadership Met the head of the UGCC Major Archbishop Sviatoslav

On August 22, the UWC leadership met with His Beatitude Sviatoslav, Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. UWC President Paul Grod emphasized the importance of Christian principles and the role of the church as a spiritual foundation for Ukrainians around the world and their self-determination. 

The UWC leadership discussed a number of important humanitarian, socio-economic, and other issues of support for Ukrainian communities in the world by the UGCC.  During the meeting, they discussed current events in Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora, the importance of global Ukrainian communities in the development of independent Ukraine and joint areas of work with the UGCC. 

UWC President Paul Grod thanked His Beatitude Sviatoslav for the colossal work of the UGCC for Ukrainians all over the world, and for his selfless work and devotion.  

As was discussed during the meeting, Ukrainians in the diaspora clearly understand the value and influence of the Church in preserving their identity and preserving Ukrainian traditions. The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has always been and remains one of the key supporters for Ukrainians worldwide.