UWC Leadership met with Sergey Lagodinsky, MEP

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February 6,2021 464
UWC Leadership met with Sergey Lagodinsky, MEP

On February, 3 the Ukrainian World Congress President, UWC leadership and leaders of the Ukrainian community in Germany held an online meeting with Sergey Lagodinsky, a member of the European Parliament, a member of the Green party, the most outspoken pro-Ukrainian party in Germany, and one of the most vocal supporters of 2014 Maidan.

The parties discussed key security threats in the region, Nord Stream 2, and recent violent crackdowns on peaceful protesters in Russia. UWC President Paul Grod stressed the vital geopolitical role Ukraine could play in the region as a beacon of democracy despite the numerous challenges such as Russian interference.

A separate issue of the meeting was the discussion of the issues of preservation of historical memory and the importance for Ukraine of German recognition of Holodomor 1932-33 as genocide.

As a result, the participants outlined the strategic priorities on which they will work during the current year.