UWC meets with Ambassador-at-Large for Global Ukrainian Community

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January 15,2024 382
UWC meets with Ambassador-at-Large for Global Ukrainian Community

The Ukrainian World Congress leaders and UWC Vice Presidents representing Ukrainian communities in South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Oceania participated in a meeting with the Ambassador-at-Large for Global Ukrainian Community at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mariana Betsa.

UWC President Paul Grod delivered the opening remarks and thanked the diplomatic corps, led by Minister for Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba, for their continued close cooperation. The UWC President also introduced the UWC Vice Presidents elected at the XII UWC Congress in November 2023.

UWC First Vice President Stefan Romaniw and UWC Second Vice President Jaroszlava Hartyányi, President of the European Congress of Ukrainians Bohdan Rajčinec, UWC Vice President for South and Central America Jorge Danylyshyn, UWC Vice President for Western Europe Volodymyr Kogutyak, UWC Vice President for South Eastern Europe Miroslav Hočak, UWC Vice President for Northern Europe Roman Mykytenko, UWC Vice President for Southern Europe Pavlo Sadokha, UWC Vice President for the Middle East and Central Asia Yevheniy Semenov, UWC Vice President for Africa Dzvinka Kachur, and UWC Vice President, Oceania and Asia Nataliya Poshyvaylo-Towler, joined the meeting. 

The meeting focused on strategic cooperation, centering on advocating for Ukraine’s interests on its path to the EU and NATO, preserving Ukrainian identity, and enhancing support for safeguarding Ukrainians’ rights abroad.  The Ambassador-at-Large for Global Ukrainian Community also discussed the new challenges war poses and Ukrainians’ return and reintegration. 

Mariana Betsa conveyed appreciation for the UWC’s remarkable efforts in supporting Ukraine. She underscored the influential voice of the global Ukrainian community, emphasizing that the ongoing war and extensive invasion have strengthened the unity of Ukrainians worldwide.

According to Paul Grod, the UWC collaborates closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on all three UWC’s key priorities – victory, rebuilding Ukraine, and a strong Ukrainian world.

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