UWC observation mission monitors voting during the Presidential Election at polling stations in Ukraine and around the world

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March 31,2019 118

Today, 31 March 2019, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) International Observation Mission to Ukraine’s 2019 Elections (UWC Mission) consisting of 219 observers from 16 countries is monitoring the electoral process on the territory of Ukraine and its diplomatic representations in 24 countries.

The UWC Mission is also closely cooperating with the observation mission of the UWC member organization – Ukrainian Congress Committee of America with 78 short-term observers. Together, the two missions have deployed 297 short term observers.

122 long-term observers from 28 countries with the UWC Mission are also continuing their monitoring of Western media for any evidence of disinformation on the election.

The UWC Mission is headed by the UWC immediate Past President, Eugene Czolij, with UWC Vice President Andrew Futey as Deputy Head of Mission and former UWC Vice President Peter Sztyk as Chief Observer.

“The UWC Mission is the third largest international observation mission to the 2019 Presidential Election in Ukraine with a majority of Ukrainian speaking observers who are familiar with the situation in Ukraine and are experienced in monitoring electoral processes in Ukraine,” stated UWC President Paul Grod. “I acknowledge the commitment and dedication of the leadership of the UWC Mission and all of our observers to the extremely important effort in securing free, fair and transparent presidential elections in Ukraine.”

On 1 April 2019 at 17:30 at Ukraine Crisis Media Center, the UWC Mission will hold a press conference to present its preliminary assessment of the Presidential Election in Ukraine.  

View the UATV interview with UWC President Paul Grod on the UWC International Observation Mission to Ukraine’s 2019 Elections  HERE.

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