UWC presents its EnergizeUkraine initiative at a PLMA meeting at DistrubuTech

February 8,2023 395
UWC presents its EnergizeUkraine initiative at a PLMA meeting at DistrubuTech

San Diego, USA – February 7, 2023. During the leading international event in the field of energy – the DISTRIBUTECH International conference, Paul Grod, President of the Ukrainian World Congress, met with the members of the Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA).

Paul Grod provided an update on the extent of the destruction of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. He highlighted that over 40% of Ukraine’s power grid has been decimated and continues to be attacked by Russian missiles. Ukraine needs high-voltage transformers, generators, and solar and battery systems to rebuild and keep the lights, water, heat, and communications on during these cold winter months.

The UWC president called the PLMA members to join the EnergizeUkraine coalition by providing equipment and funds to rebuild Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. He said Ukraine residents are without electricity, water, heat, and communication, and the economy has been devastated. Among the most severely impacted are the elderly who cannot leave their cold, dark apartments as elevators are not operational. Now, Ukraine’s allies have provided it with better anti-missile systems that can stop over 75% of the missiles, but the destruction inflicted to date is severe.

Paul Grod invited the members to join a Special Briefing: Update on the Ukraine’s Electric Grid in the DISTRIBUTECH main hall on Wednesday, February 8. He will be joined by Andrii Nemyrovskyi, Advisor to the CEO of the UkrEnergo (Ukrainian state-run power transmission company and grid operator) who traveled from Kyiv to seek support for Ukraine.

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