UWC President Eugene Czolij met with high-ranking government officials in Australia

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August 10,2017 100

On 7 and 9 August 2017 in Canberra,and 1 and 10 August 2017 in Melbourne, Australia, Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) President Eugene Czolij held meetings with Australian high-ranking government officials to discuss issues related to continued support for Ukraine and securing peace and stability in the world.

The UWC President thanked Australia for supporting Ukraine in countering the hybrid warfare of the Russian Federation, particularly noting the provision of winter uniforms for the Ukrainian army, training courses for Ukrainian officers, and sanctions against the Russian Federation. He also expressed gratitude to Australia for recognizing the Holodomor as a genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Eugene Czolij urged Australia to continue supporting Ukraine in the defence of its territorial integrity and emphasized that while protecting its borders, Ukraine is actively reforming, modernizing, fighting corruption, and exhibiting great potential for economic development.

The UWC President encouraged the Prime Minister of Australia to visit Ukraine.

Eugene Czolij also underlined the importance of an active Australia-Ukraine Parliamentary Group and for its Chair to visit Ukraine.

In addition, the UWC President stressed that the tragic downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17 is a clear indication that Russian imperialism is a serious threat for global peace and security.

During the meetings, the UWC President was accompanied by UWC Secretary General and President of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations Stefan Romaniw. Ambassador of Ukraine to Australia Mykola Kulinich also participated in the meetings in Canberra.

“The Ukrainian World Congress calls upon Australia to continue supporting Ukraine, which is currently stopping the advance of Russian aggression to the West,” stated UWC President Eugene Czolij.


List of individuals with whom the UWC President met:

Atkinson Bruce, President of the Legislative Council of Victoria

Bilyk Catryna, Senator, Vice Chair of the Australia-Ukraine Parliamentary Group

Brooks Colin, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Victoria

Crewther Chris, Member of Parliament, Chair of the Australia-Ukraine Parliamentary Groupand Chair of the Foreign Affairs and Aid Subcommittee

Hansen Murray, Chief of Staff, Office of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia

Magee Kevin, Assistant Secretary for Northern, Southern & Eastern Europe Branch, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia

Seselja Zed, Senator, Assistant Minister for Social Services and Multicultural Affairs of Australia (on behalf of the Prime Minister of Australia)

Scott Robin, Minister for Multicultural Affairs of Victoria

Smith Tony, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Australia


In the photo from left: E. Czolij, T. Smith, S. Romaniw and M. Kulinich

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