UWC President in Washington, D.C.: NATO must help Ukraine win

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July 10,2024 216
UWC President in Washington, D.C.: NATO must help Ukraine win

At the Summit in Washington, D.C., NATO leaders should unequivocally declare that Ukraine must defeat Russian terrorists, said UWC President Paul Grod in an interview with My Ukraiina (“We are Ukraine”) TV channel during a rally in the center of the American capital.

“We urge the leaders of the world’s most powerful military alliance to decisively equip Ukraine with all the necessary tools for victory. It is crucial that we, as citizens of NATO countries, tirelessly advocate every day—and will continue to do so—until Ukraine secures NATO membership and a just, enduring peace is established. This commitment is our duty, and we will steadfastly uphold it,” said Paul Grod.

The responsibility of the global Ukrainian community is to emphasize to the leaders of civil society in other countries that Russia is a terrorist state, a terrorist government, and a terrorist people.

“It is crucial that the global community grasps the significance of our role. We are committed to convincing the world about the necessity of designating Russia as a terrorist state, implementing stringent sanctions, and establishing an international criminal tribunal to investigate all Russian crimes. Most importantly, today in Washington, we must persuade all NATO leaders of the urgent need to invite Ukraine into the Alliance and to publicly declare Russia as a terrorist state that must be defeated,” the UWC President emphasized. 

Cover: My Ukraiina

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